Week 5

- Read Schafer, R. M. (1977). The tuning of the world. New York: Knopf - parts 3 & 4
- Outline Sonic Art Presentations
- Principles and ideas behind Bioacoustics and bioart.
- Bioacoustics  and bioart Presentation [pdf: 3.5MB]
- Soundstage broadcasts (BOB) by Chris Watson
- The Sound of Space (BOB)
- Gordon Hempton: Soundtracker
- Wildsong site
- The Bioacoustics and Bioart Project
- Bioacoustics and psychology: The Sound of Fear (BOB)
- David Hendy - Noise: A Human History (~03:00)
More suggestions and ideas
Listen to/read:
- Composing with Sounds that are ordinarily imperceptible or in some way absent
- The UK's five weirdest sounding places
- Formulate Bioacoustics Project
- Soundscape: Journal of Acoustic Ecology (and many conferences)
- Listening: Listen and Hukkle
- http://www.petertraub.net
- http://woodear.petertraub.net
- Wayne McGregor, 2:47 the body as technology; 14:30 sonification
- Stuart Maconie, 53:30 Rob St John, sonification
- Floodtide, Jonathan Eacott, sonification
- Matt Rogalsky Octet (2017)
Other things
- The Sound of Life (BBC Radio Documentary Series)