There are three main assessments arising from three projects:

The Make your Own Project
You will be divided into a number of small orchestras. Each member of each orchestra is required to create a musical instrument. The group will then compose and perform music for these instruments. Marks will be awarded for imagination and technical ability, including performance skills as well as the visual appearance of the instruments. Include demonstration and documentation.

The Bioacoustics and Bioart Project
In consulation with the Module Tutor, design, propose and implement a project based on one or more of the ideas behind bioacoustics and/or bioart. The nature of the project can be ecological as well as aesthetic, and should in any case include an ecological element – that is, a study of a certain acoustic soundscape and the interplay of sounds and sound-making objects within that enviroment.

Individual Project: Performance/Presentation/Exhibition/Installation
In consultation with the Module Tutor, design a project based on an idea linked to Sonic Art, for instance a piece of installation art, a piece of music based on graphic notation or the pixel information, etc., included in a film, etc. Students will arrange an exhibition/concert during the semester in which they present their ideas publicly. NB any performance element included in your project will not in itself be assessed.

Written Components
The Make Your Own and Individual projects should be accompanied by brief reports of approximately 100-200 words. The Bioacoustics/bioart project should be accompanied by a report of approximately 300-600 words.

Detailed assessment information

All assessments should be submitted to the i-Centre by 2pm on Tuesday May 8th.